Worth the Fight

21 Apr, 2017 :: Kralendijk, Bonaire

Is it worth the fight? Bonaire teenagers pondered the question during an onboard event in Kralendijk.

Seated in the audience was a special group of young people: youth from the Stitching Project, a home for teenagers with behavioural issues. Earlier that day, six crewmembers had visited the home to help with a painting project. The volunteers explained their work on Logos Hope to the youth and invited them to come for a tour of the ship and the Worth the Fight event.

“Which do you understand better, English or Dutch?” asked crewmember David Pater (Netherlands), as he welcomed the group to the ship and introduced himself as their tour guide. “Dutch,” they answered, shyly. “Well, that’s perfect!” David replied, putting them at ease. “Dutch is my native language!”

After a tour of the ship, David and five other volunteers hosted the youth and their leaders for dinner in the crew dining room before bringing them to the Hope Theatre for the event.

Event hosts Brandon Kemp (Bahamas) and Priscilla Nakhla (Australia) led the young people through a series of activities as they challenged the teens to consider the impact of a choice. “We all have to make choices every day of our lives,” said Priscilla, “and we never know how these choices are actually going to affect our future.” “Sometimes we face the consequences ourselves, but sometimes other people have to face the consequences of our actions,” explained Brandon.

The hosts likened life to walking down a path and described how good choices can keep a person on the path, while bad choices can cause a person to fall off the path. “We are all fighting to make the right choices,” said Brandon. “We have to decide if it is worth the fight.”

During a time of reflection, several of the teenagers took Brandon and Priscilla’s words to heart. One participant shared that her sister has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and that she has to sacrifice her free time to keep her sister busy. “Life is hard for me,” admitted the young woman, “I never thought that it was worth the fight.”

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